Elections Using ZVOTE

With ZVOTE, you can easily organize fair and anonymous small elections that would traditionally require postal charges and paying fees to intermediaries, without these added costs. Verified voter registration is included. Candidates and voters know that the votes will remain secret until the election closes, and can be verified, without the need to trust a third-party or proxy service. Use ZVOTE for elections and decision-making, including Board meeting votes, private elections in associations, by-law changes, budget approval, group decisions, and user feedback.

ZVOTE uses ZMAIL to prevent phishing, spoofing and provide email encryption with authenticated email addresses, for secure and private email voting.

How does it work?

ZMAIL Election Method: Each eligible voter, with an email address provided by the Organization, receives a ballot by secure email ZMAIL with a release date set for when the election opens and an expiration date set for when the election closes. All email bounces are sent back directly to the Organization, for resolution. Voters can authenticate their email address and register for ZMAIL before or after the ballot is received. Only authenticated voters may read the ballot and vote, after the election opens. Voters may request the Organization to update their email addresses at any time. If allowed by the Organization's election rules, ballots can be re-resent in substitution of ballots that failed to be delivered. The ballot is voted and cast by the voter using ZMAIL reply, with a release date set for when the election closes. Only ballots sent from ZMAIL authenticated email addresses of eligible voters are accepted for tallying. The received ballots can be printed and manually tallied, with or without identifying voter information, as desired. The printed ballots can be audited and stored.

Private Sector Elections: Email voting is legally allowed for the private sector (e.g., companies and associations) in the U.S. and most countries, with adequate security provisions. ZMAIL voting can be used for private sector elections if you comply with all the usual requirements for legally binding online elections in the private sector. ZMAIL offloads your work by providing the most difficult parts, with secure, private and auditable means to: (1) register voters, even during the election; (2) authenticate voters; (3) distribute ballots to registered voters, enforcing election beginning and duration; (4) account for and report all ballots sent; (5) during the election, allow each voter to make choices and cast a sealed ballot; (6) collect cast ballots; (7) at the end of the election, release the cast ballots for tallying; and (8) provide each voter with a return receipt that their ballot was received and accepted for tallying. You should provide the means to count ballots properly and assure election auditing and integrity.

Outsourced Elections: For elections with many voters it may become cumbersome to manually count the ballots, audit the count and assure privacy. Some elections may require ballots with mutiple candidate statements, complex layout and may use more than one language. ZMAIL has partnered with Safevote, Inc. (link:http://safevote.com) in order to meet these needs by outsourcing the entire election work to Safevote. You can use ZMAIL secure email for easy and cost-effective email voting with Safevote's proven technology for electronic elections, in addition to Safevote's Internet voting. Please contact Safevote if you want to outsource your election.

Read more about ZVOTE. Voting procedures using ZMAIL are secure and easy to follow by voters.

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